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Agridia is located in Cyprus
Coordinates: 34°55′43″N 32°59′40″E / 34.92861°N 32.99444°E / 34.92861; 32.99444Coordinates: 34°55′43″N 32°59′40″E / 34.92861°N 32.99444°E / 34.92861; 32.99444
Country Cyprus
DistrictLimassol District
 • Total104

Agridia (Greek: Αγρίδια) is a village in the Limassol District of Cyprus, located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of Chandria.


Agridia is a small village of the Region of Pitsilia, in the Lemesos District. It is the ninth highest village in Cyprus, built on an altitude of 1100 m above sea level.[citation needed]

The village has two churches dedicated to Prophet Elias. These include a small chapel built on a hill, and a large church in the center of the village.[citation needed]

Further reading

  • Giorgos Karouzis, Strolling around Cyprus, Lemesos, City and District, Lefkosia 2001 [ISBN unspecified]


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