Subdivisions of Saudi Arabia

The Subdivisions of Saudi Arabia, officially the Organization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as provided by the Regions' System, issued on 27 Sha'baan 1412 AH (civil calendar: 28 February 1992) by Royal Order A/92, amended by Royal Order No. A/21 on 30 Rabi' al-Awal 1414 AH, divided the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into 13 emirates (provinces/regions); the 13 provinces further divided into 118 governorates, classified category (A) or category (B); the 118 governorates divided into a number of centers, category (A) and category (B), taking into consideration the housing, geographical, security, transport, environment and historic conditions of each region.[1][2][3]


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 emirates (Arabic: إمارات, romanizedImārāt sg. Arabic: إمارة, romanizedImārah) or regions/provinces (Arabic: مناطق, romanizedmanāṭiq), each governed by a governor or emir (Arabic: أمير, romanizedamīr, lit.'prince'),[1] known as the Provincial Governor, to differentiate them from the governors of governorates. These are:

Provinces of Saudi Arabia
Provinces of Saudi Arabia


The 13 emirates are further divided into 118 governorates (Arabic: محافظات, lit.'muḥafazāt' sg. Arabic: محافظة, lit.'muḥafazah'), each governed by a Governor (Arabic: محافظ, romanizedmuḥāfiz). Of these, 13 are capital governorates (Arabic: أمانات, romanizedamānāt sg. Arabic: أمانة, romanizedamānah) governed by a Mayor (Arabic: أمين, romanizedamīn).

Governorates of Saudi Arabia محافظات المملكة العربية السعودية
Emirate Governorate Population (2004) Total Population
Makkah Province Jeddah Governorate 2,833,169 5,747,971
City of Makkah 1,338,341
Ta'if Governorate 885,474
Qunfudhah Governorate 240,938
Laith Governorate 110,449
Jumum Governorate 75,993
Rabigh Governorate 68,966
Khulays Governorate 49,955
Ranyah Governorate 44,276
Turbah Governorate 42,810
Khurmah Governorate 39,053
Kamil Governorate 18,547
Riyadh Province City of Riyadh 4,137,280 5,455,363
Kharj Governorate 323,394
Duwaidmi Governorate 190,138
Majma'ah Governorate 111,503
Quwai'iyah Governorate 106,579
Wadi ad-Dawasir Governorate 92,631
'Afif Governorate 68,592
Zulfi Governorate 62,904
Dir'iyah Governorate 60,777
Aflaj Governorate 60,046
Hawtat Bani Tamim Governorate 39,719
Muzahmiyah Governorate 35,795
Sulayyil Governorate 35,011
Shaqra' Governorate 34,543
Rumah Governorate 25,312
Dhurma Governorate 19,688
Thadij Governorate 15,221
Hariq Governorate 13,426
Huraymila Governorate 12,569
Ghat Governorate 10,235
Eastern Province Ahsa' Governorate 908,366 3,360,157
City of Dammam 744,631
Qatif Governorate 474,573
Khobar Governorate 455,541
Hafr al-Batin Governorate 338,636
Jubail Governorate 224,430
Khafji Governorate 60,975
Buqayq Governorate 44,863
Na'iriyah Governorate 44,664
Ra's Tanura Governorate 43,338
Qaryat al-'Ulya Governorate 20,140
Madinah Province City of Madinah 994,175 1,512,076
Yanbu' al-Bahr Governorate 250,244
Badr Governorate 58,352
'Alula Governorate 57,506
Mahd Governorate 53,734
Henakiyah Governorate 52,524
Khaybar Governorate 45,541
Al Baha Province City of Baha 93,128 377,739
Mukhwah Governorate 64,365
Baljurashi Governorate 61,354
Qilwah Governorate 55,511
Mandaq Governorate 45,666
Qari Governorate 29,109
'Aqiq Governorate 28,606
Al Jawf Province City of Sakaka 196,503 361,676
Qurayyat Governorate 125,090
Daumat al-Jandal Governorate 40,083
Northern Borders Province City of 'Ar'ar 166,428 279,286
Rafha Governorate 72,187
Turaif Governorate 40,671

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