316th Troop Carrier Squadron

316th Troop Carrier Squadron
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Air Force

The 316th Troop Carrier Squadron is an inactive unit of the United States Air Force. Its last assignment was with the 436th Troop Carrier Group, stationed at Godman Field, Kentucky. It was inactivated on 27 June 1949.


The unit was active during World War II and the immediate postwar years. Its mission was aerial transportation in the Hawaiian Islands and to forward bases in the Pacific. It later was active in the Air Force Reserve.



  • Constituted 316th Troop Carrier Squadron on 7 December 1943
Activated on 15 December 1943
Inactivated on 25 March 1946
  • Activated in the reserve on 15 March 1947
Inactivated on 27 June 1949.


Attached to: 61st Troop Carrier Wing, 15 December 1943
Attached to: 1st Provisional Troop Carrier Group, February-30 September 1944




Public Domain This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

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